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Nan’s (not a number)

April 21st, 2016|Tech|

I first came across this term on Happy Feet II, I stared blankly into the TD's face feeling lost ..."what's a nairn ? " - thinking of Garlic Nairn bread... Recently they copped up again whilst I was testing my Bullet coin sim  - sometimes I would re-render a small window around them [...]

FLIP render

April 13th, 2016|SIMS, Tech|

I've been doing some FLIP sims for a potential job  in H15 with a goal of recording all parameter changes and sim times in an orderly approach. One factor I failed to overlook how ever so far was scene size in relation to physical parameters for this look PBR3x3 Render time was 10 [...]

VDB Research

February 14th, 2016|Houdini, Tech|

http://www.openvdb.org online docs http://www.openvdb.org/documentation/doxygen/ Technical Paper by Ken Museth http://www.museth.org/Ken/Publications_files/Museth_TOG13.pdf While I've been studying Houdini has evovled somewhat...it is a constant challenge with CG and tech in general to stay up to date. VDB's or 'openVDB' seems to have been born and matured and come into Houdini. 'VDB' is a [...]

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